This unit covers the competency required to administer restricted analgesics as a part of a medically supervised first responder organisation. Typically involving the safe and effective use of Penthrox or methoxyflurane ( the Green Whistle ).

The use of this medication is subject to state and territory legislation and should be reviewed 

Please phone our office and discuss your needs with a staff member. 

Only basic numeracy and literacy skills are needed to attend this course. Access to a computer with internet, as well as basic computer skills is required for completion of this unit.

Participants should make themselves aware of the legislated restrictions for the use of various drugs described in this unit.

Generally industry requires re-certification of this unit every 12 months

Face to face training is approx. 3 hours 

It is strongly suggested you view the videos on CPR found on our website as well as reading the first aid book which is also available on our website

PUAEME005A Provide pain management