This unit is designed to give participants advanced skills in spinal care whilst ensuring National and International trends in pre-hospital care of spinal injuries are maintained. It is an ideal unit to include in the Occupational First Aid course or any of the Sports Trainer courses

Our Paramedical trainers will provide you with the best training available

The course will give participants skills in:
  • spinal anatomy
  • spinal cord injury identification
  • spinal immobilisation
  • cervical collar application
  • moving patients with suspected spinal injury
  • monitoring of patients with suspected spinal injury
  • and more.......

Please phone our office and discuss your needs with a staff member. 

Nationally Recognised unit/s of Competence 

PUAEME004A Provide emergency care for suspected spinal injury

This is an excellent unit for any first aiders involved with high risk activities that could result in them needing additional skills in spinal injury care. This especially relates to contact sports such as rugby league, rugby union, AFL etc

Basic numeracy and literacy skills are needed to attend this course - a guide to this is available here.

Access to a computer with internet, as well as basic computer skills is required for completion of this unit.

If you have ANY special needs ( eg, language / literacy / numeracy difficulties, physical disabilities etc ) that you think may impact on your ability to complete this training please let us know prior to enrolling. 

There is some theory and practical assessment to ensure that the participant has gained the required knowledge and confidence in the skills covered in the unit. Successful management of patients with simulated suspected spinal injuries is also required. 

CPR refresher is recommended annually and Provide First Aid at least every 3 years

Face to face training is approx. 8 hours plus recommended pre-course learning

It is required that you watch the CPR videos as well as read the first aid book available on our website to aid in your understanding of CPR and first aid.

There will be a short quiz at the beginning of the course on the information contained in the videos, this is to enable the trainer to better guide the content of the course for you.