The media has recently run several articles about the need for defibrillators at sporting clubs especially at the playing fields. Although the likelihood for fit young players to need a defibrillator is low we cannot forget about the not so young referees and spectators. The statistics very clearly show the massive increase in survival rates from Cardiac Arrest when first aiders have access to a defibrillator as opposed to having to wait for an ambulance to come. Adrian Date from Vital First Aid has been using defibrillators for nearly 30 years and encourages all sporting venues to invest in one of these life-saving devices. The Heartsine 500P is in his opinion the best defibrillator available on the market for public use, Heartsine also run a free replacement PadPak and free donation of a new defibrillator in the event of a real emergency ( conditions apply ). You can contact Vital First Aid for prices on these devices - generally we will match or typically beat any other competitors price.

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